We have organized six different discussion groups for you to choose from; alternatively, you can choose to take part in a supervision group (max. 12 participants). These groups are not self-help groups for victims of violence. 

In a supervision group, guided by experienced psychotherapeutic supervisors, you can map out particularly difficult violent relationships seen in your own counselling or therapy sessions. With your professional colleagues you can look for new facets of conflicts and reflect on any difficulty you yourself may have in grasping violent relationships. By so doing you can augment your professional competence, your ability to perceive yourself and act professionally in this difficult area.

Discussion groups focus initially on one topic that will be introduced with theses, a text or a short reading. The group can then decide freely how it wishes to thematize the presentations heard previously. The discussion process will determine which focus is important. The group facilitator has the task of pointing out any omissions that become apparent. Apart from the facilitator, one of the speakers will join the group.

  • Separation and divorce – scenes of violence
  • Psychodynamics of eruption of violence
  • The future of counseling
  • Men’s shame – protection for women?
  • Does it make sense to differentiate between psychological and physical violence?
  • When one parent is violent on behalf of the other

When registering, please make sure to choose between one of these six groups or the supervision group option.


Program Presentations